Our Projects

Over the past 15 years we worked so hard to get our clients satisfaction by offering good prices and perfect services, Next we will review examples of our projects:

Suez Steel Co. : (9 Years contracts):
- Full Project Material Handling and Industrial Services Contracts,
( 3 contracts Started from November 1999 till April 2009)
Hitachi Co. LTD in construction:
– Al Ezz Steel Rebars Sadat.
– ANSDK DRI Plant.
Orascom Co. S.A.E. construction:
– Suez Gulf Power Plant Project in Rip Rap installation.
Kollaly Co. for Engineering works in construction :
– Inshas Atomic Reactor.
– El Gawharh Porcelain.
– Al Ezz steel Rebars Sadat.
Al Ezz Steel Rebars in Services: (2 Years contracts):
- Equipments Hire for Construction & Maintenance.
- Scrap Handling in Sadat Plant.