About Us
Since 1995 we started our services business with promising companies in equipment hire, civil works, Construction works, and Maintenance works in field in many sites.
Our services have now increased to include Material Handling and Steel Making Plants services.

Our Experience
  1. Material Handling.
    [ Scrap Management ]
    [ Hot & Cold Slag Handling ]
    [ DRI & HBI Handling ]
    [ Product of Billet Handling ]
    [ Consumables, Raw Material, Refractories & Spare Parts Handling ]
    [ Cutting Or Breaking Emergency ,Ladle,Tundish skulls & Oversize Scrap ]

  2. Equipment Hire.
  3. Steel Making Plants Services.
  4. Containers handling and discharging.
  5. Digging Field.
  6. Earth Moving.

Our Aims
  1. Compromising of highest performance standard & lowest coast so you could pioneer standard and prosperity.
  2. Real success is to prompt you to be interesting of continuation renewing.
  3. Dealing with us means guarantee unlimited power for unlimited services .
So we would like to honorary make our representation either by visiting your company or your representatives visitation to our company in our working sites.