Welcome to United Company website, through next pages you will know find details about our company in Egypt, the new branch in KSA "Al-Khairy Est.", our projects, new live shots from our projects locations, know more about our resources and how to contact us - Its simple, Enjoy your time.
United Company has been had the avant-grade & lead in implementation
the internal material handling processes, Services inside steel plant and Equipment hire in Egypt since 1995 in many diffrent cities and in many diffrent projects to become one of the biggest companies in material handling field... Read More
Projects are not just work to do, Its our history and we shared bulding History with our clients, We work with huge and effective companies in and out side Egypt approving thats we can be on our client trust whatever they need, and our history is our witness of success...Read More
Equipment are first and the most important tool to finish works in fast time and with best performance, and over the past 15 year we build a huge squadron of the best equipment and manpower that`s rise us to be in the lead of the same field companies in egypt... Read More
Alkhairy international, Is the new young branch in KSA following The main rules of The United Company as given the best of the best to the clients whatever they needs... Read More
Contacts us by private message or mobile phone or e-mail... Contact us